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Meet the Owners

The business is a lifelong dream finally realized for owners Greg and Lori Boyer. Married since 1992, the couple has two daughters, 26-year old Cassidy (named after the Grateful Dead song) and 24-year old Dawn.

They also have a chocolate Labrador puppy, Cocoa, whom they acquired when they settled in Florida, where they wish to share their love and extensive knowledge of music with their neighbors.

Passionate music lovers, Greg and Lori own about 1,500 vinyl records, believing that “everything sounds better on vinyl.” Prior to having children, the couple had the luck to attend several Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers, Yes, Tom Petty, and many other shows together at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland and the Capital Center near Washington, D.C.

After Jerry Garcia's death, they became "tapers" of shows in Baltimore, D.C., and then Columbus, Ohio area for more than a decade. They started out taping on cassette tapes before moving on to DAT recordings and then transferring to CDs.

At festivals throughout Maryland and West Virginia, Lori would take their kids around to the vendors, kid’s tent, or whatever while Greg taped. They would all relive it on Sunday nights, making CDs and then return to providing daycare and selling tires by Monday morning.

It was a great family life.

What sets us apart is we have lived the life and want to share it all. 

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About Us 

Cocoa’s Vinyls & Vibes LLC is a music store in Gulf Breeze, Florida that specializes in vinyl records and record players, but we also sell a wide range of merchandise, including rock and roll t- shirts and beach towels. Contact us to learn more.

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